Ghana: Peacemakers - solving conflicts without violence

To reduce violence in Ghana, young adults, teachers and pastors are trained to solve conflicts without violence. The Peacemakers are on a mission of peace!

Ghana is a country where many different cultures and religions meld together. This diversity is usually regarded as positive, but there are also outbreaks of violence, especially involving young adults. Particularly vulnerable are girls, street boys and young adults without jobs. Due to the hopelessness of their everyday lives, they are easy targets for people bent on violence. Who doesn't long for a life in peace?

Handling conflicts the right way

In 2005, a workshop organised by the EMS and the Presbyterian Church in Ghana (PCG) marked a turning point and dealt with solving conflicts without resort to violence. The young people taking part in the workshop were so excited by the "Peacemakers Programme" that the following year, it was introduced in all 17 districts of the Presbyterian Church. Since then, young people, teachers and youth leaders have been trained as peacemakers - or conflict solvers - and they pass on their knowledge to local youth groups. Traditional Ghanaian chiefs and elders were also included in the activities. The teaching material used is a handbook which was developed during the first workshop.

Living and passing on peace

At their meetings, Peacemakers identify conflict areas in their own surroundings. What are the situations that trigger violence? Where do conflicts occur? The target group is young people. They encourage pupils of both genders to set up peace societies and learn all about the peace mission, for example in debates. They also advise Ghanaian apprentices and trainees on how to deal with conflicts at their places of work. They are right at the bottom of the company ladder and often have to endure difficult working conditions.

Networking is also important for the peace mission. Peacemakers are in regular contact with other institutions of the Presbyterian Church and also with the Presbyterian Inter-faith Research and Resource Centre, which works to promote dialogue between Muslims and Christians and for better understanding between religions.

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