Ghana: Women Rearing Small Animals

Women in Ghana were given equal rights by law in 1992. However, they are still at a disadvantage compared with men when it comes to education and the labour market. An animal rearing project developed by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana now strengthens the role of women.

Ghanaian women are superwomen who fulfil several roles in society and in the family. Most Ghanaian women have a regular job besides being mothers and wives and they contribute to the upkeep of their families. They also do the housework, play the central role in their families and also work in the society and in church. As a result, they make an enormous contribution to the socio-economic growth of Ghana.

Despite their important role, women in Ghana suffer more than men from poverty. The earn a lower wage for the same job and are exposed to violence and discrimination. The Upper East church district of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) therefore developed a project to strengthen women in congregations. Women can earn a livelihood and become more independent by rearing small animals. The project's aim is to provide women with a sustainable basis for living and to increase their income. There is often a lack of affordable, high-protein food in villages and communities in Ghana to allow people to eat a healthy diet. By rearing sheep, goats or pigs, the women achieve a better nutritional basis in their region and help their families and neighbours eat more healthily. At the same time, their small businesses improve their social standing in their communities.

Women help women

Many women from the women's groups of the PCG were directly involved in developing the programme. Together with experts, they searched for new practical ways to generate income, help their communities grow economically and improve their own roles.

A total of 100 women will take part in this two-year programme which will start in six Ghanaian villages in 2017 and 2018. Every woman selected to take part will receive two animals to rear. At the start of the project, training courses will teach them how to handle the animals. They will work together with local veterinarians and discuss their problems and difficulties with each other. Help for self-help is the project's slogan. The PCG workers in charge of the project will supervise and support the participants for two years. The women will then be able to continue their small business on their own.

Your donation helps women in Ghana to lead a more independent life which is not threatened by poverty.

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