Help for Syrian Refugee Children

The children are the ones who suffer most from the ongoing crisis, whether they are in Syria or whether they have fled to one of the neighbouring countries. To give them hope for their future, we wish to enable them to attend school, even if they are far from home.

In 2012, the Johann Ludwig Schneller School (JLSS) in Lebanon, together with the "Evangelical Association for the Schneller Schools" (EVS), decided to take action. They admitted Syrian refugee children - regardless of the religious or political background of their families - at their school. Meanwhile, more than 40 Syrian children learn at the school. Apart from education they also receive psychological counselling. For only US $2,000 per year, it is possible to provide shelter, food, and education for a refugee child at the Schneller School.

But not all of the refugees live beyond the Syrian border. In Syria itself there are many children who live far from their home towns in refugee camps. In January 2014, Protestant churches and organisations from Syria and Lebanon opened an Evangelical Centre in Syria, with the support of EMS and EVS. The Centre offers education and free school meals for children from the refugee camp. The project includes a nursery, a kindergarten and a preschool for about 75 children. They don't stay overnight, but continue to live with their families. For now, the project is termed for three years. The Centre is situated in an empty hotel building in the "Wadi al-Nasara" ("Valley of Christians") close to the Lebanese border.

We depend on people like you to continue these projects! Help Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and Syria with your donation!

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