India: Women Empowerment Programme

In India, discrimination against Dalits and Adivasis still continues to this day. This is especially true for women who have adopted the Christian faith. The Church in South India takes care of these people.

The Dalits and Adivasis are two Indian social groups which exist outside the caste system or belong to the lowest caste. Although the Indian constitution of 1950 states that no Indian may be discriminated because of his or her caste, reality is often totally different. The Dalits and Adivasis face discrimination, especially in rural areas and sometimes they even face persecution. It is the women and girls who suffer the most and lead a difficult life. In the eyes of their parents, they are a burden and should be married off as soon as possible. Compared to other women and girls of their own age, they are also at a disadvantage when it comes to education, nourishment and health. The young women are only respected when they give birth to a son after their marriage. To support the rights of women and girls, the Church of South India (CSI) has started a programme to help them earn their own living and lead independent lives.

Indian women assert their rights

Women meet in small groups to develop their personality and cultural identity. Such fellowship gives them strength and self-confidence and they learn how to apply for and receive state subsidies. Together, the women in the groups collect money and make efforts to apply for loans together. This helps them become independent and escape from the clutches of exploiting middlemen. The diocese leaders accompany them on this path and encourage them to stand up for their rights. From 2001 to 2010, the Church organised a campaign to publicise the rights of girls.

The CSI helps women with training to become health workers, nurses, computer workers or social workers so that they can stand on their own feet financially.

Your donation supports our project to help women in India earn their own living and strengthen their rights.

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