Indonesia: Centre for Pig Breeding

Poverty in rural areas of Indonesia is wide-spread. Despite their back-breaking work in the fields, families have scarcely enough to survive, let alone pay for visits to the doctor or to send their children to school. Breeding suckling pigs offers farmers an opportunity to secure their future.

The majority of members of the Protestant Church in South-East Sulawesi (GEPSULTRA) live in rural areas. In many cases Indonesian families own only small plots of agricultural land. The yield from their labour is scarcely enough to cover their needs, so farmers look for other sources of income so that they can send their children to school or have enough money to pay for medicine. That is where GEPSULTRA's suckling pig project comes at just the right time.

Recently built: breeding centre for suckling pigs

Pork is in heavy demand in the region at the moment. At the same time, the Indonesian government wants to place strict regulations on the import of meat. The Church in South-East Sulawesi grasped this opportunity to devise a suitable development programme for farming families to breed and fatten suckling pigs. It will help 150 families become self-supporting over the three-year project period. This is how the project started: first a pen was built for ten sows and two boars - a breeding centre for suckling pigs. The young pigs weaned there are distributed among the farmers participating in the parishes - provided they already have experience in pig farming. Each family receives five piglets and is independently responsible for looking after the rearing and feeding of the animals. During the course of the project the farmers learn more about keeping high-quality pig breeds. A veterinary team provides the necessary medicines, vitamins and feed concentrate.

Helping people to help themselves

At the end of the programme, the breeding centre for suckling pigs should become self-sustaining without any financial help from outside. Other farmers who have not joined the programme can also buy their suckling pigs there. The success of the project is assured by regular meetings, coordination and monitoring. Regular reports and an evaluation help optimise the project.

The rearing station was built in a Christian village on purpose as the majority of the Indonesian population in South-Wast Sulawesi are Muslims and eat no pork. A successful plan: so far there have been no complaints from Muslims about pig farming.

Your donation assures the livelihood of Indonesian farming families by breeding suckling pigs and their children then have the opportunity to receive an education.

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