Indonesia: Boarding Homes in Makassar

Since Indonesian village schools are poorly equipped, many parents send their children to secondary schools in the city. There the children find lodging and supportive care in Christian boarding homes.

In the rural regions of South Sulawesi the schools normally provide only primary school knowledge. They are poorly equipped when it comes to staffing and funding. Schools in the capital Makassar are better. But many pupils must live there in host families and perform working duties in return. They wash the family laundry, do garden work or have to clean the house. They only have time to study at night, so it is not surprising that their school performance is poor. This is why the Evangelical Church of South Sulawesi (GKSS) has set up boarding homes so that children can grow up in a relaxed atmosphere and can study.

Studying in a protected environment

At present, about 70 children live at the boarding homes in a Christian community which accompanies them while studying and doing homework. The pupils now have plenty of time for that. In their spare time, they help in the garden and doing household chores so that they know how to run a household later. The Indonesian boarding homes offer them support in a big city which is unknown to them and give them guidance when they come into contact with alcohol, juvenile crime or AIDS.

What does a day look like at the boarding home in Makassar? Before school, there are prayers. After school and lunch, the children and young people have time to study. In the afternoon, they help in the house and garden. During the daily routine between school and living in the community, they have time for prayers, devotions and worship services. They remain close to the Christian life they know from their villages and are not uprooted by living on the big city. The church is investing both in the children's future and in the future of the Christian communities in Indonesia.

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