Indonesia: Ecological Sustainability

For many years, the tropical rain forests in Indonesia have been cleared mainly by palm oil companies. What remains is barren land and people stripped of their former source of livelihood. A Church on Sulawesi is reforesting land and helping farmers recover from poverty.

The deforestation of the rain forests has catastrophic consequences for the ecosystem and the people living there. The climate changes, the soil is barren and people lose their homes and the source of their food. Palm oil companies have been deforesting the tropical rain forests for several years. However most of the inhabitants still work in the agriculture and forestry sectors. The Protestant Church in South-East Sulawesi (GEPSULTRA) is breaking new ground and with its reforestation project "Improving the lazy land", it is committed to ecological sustainability in Indonesia.

Good for the climate: sustainable forestry

During the first phase, 20 hectares of land were planted with about 4,000 trees per hectare. The mixture of teak, shorea and albizia trees represents a well-balanced solution for fast growth and a high yield. The church makes sure that only ecologically sustainable tree species are planted since they supply valuable wood for house building, furniture making and arts and crafts. In this way the reforestation project on Sulawesi promotes climate protection since sustainably managed forests reduce the carbon content in the atmosphere.

Reforestation reduces poverty

The plots of land are managed by GEPSULTRA and its members. By ensuring controlled felling and harvesting the fruit, the parishes earn a regular income. The project not only brings ecological benefits but also helps farmers recover from poverty. The reforested plots also help the churches to become more independent financially.

The sustainable reforestation of forests on Sulawesi acts as a model for others as GEPSULTRA has long inspired other churches in Indonesia. With support from the EMS, two other churches on Sulawesi and the Moluccas have started reforestation projects.

Your donation supports ecological sustainability on Sulawesi and assures the livelihood of the people living there.

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