Indonesia: Musical Training for Young People

The Indonesian island of Sulawesi has many young immigrants. They often struggle with identity problems at their new residence. At the music laboratory of the Indonesian Protestant Church in Donggala they receive new prospects for the future and a musical training.

Worship services at the Indonesian Protestant Church in Donggala (GPID) on the island of Sulawesi are very lively. This is mainly because of the colourful mixture of churchgoers from Bali, Java and Northern Sulawesi. It is by no means a matter of course that so many different cultures come together under one roof. Many young people find it difficult to settle down at their new residence. They often see no prospects and many of them turn away from the church. The musical training of young people builds a bridge between the various cultures in Indonesia.

Music builds identity

Twice a year, the Donggala Church offers courses in church music. The integration projects last two months each and bridge the waiting time to the next class for the young people, either until the next training class or to a course of formal study. In the courses they learn to play instruments, take singing lessons and learn new things about music theory and how to conduct choirs and bands. There they are encouraged to introduce their different musical traditions and styles - and this brings a genuine colour to church life!

The focus is of course on practice. During their training the trainees play music at worship services or church festivals. Not only that, many of them have taken over responsibility for church music in their Indonesian parishes.

At present, a church music laboratory is under construction for them with funds from the EMS and from donors. The laboratory is equipped with various instruments, recorders, sheet music and technical equipment - so that their training is even more successful.

Your donation gives young people in Indonesia future prospects - with training in church music.

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