Indonesia: New Training Fields

Young people living in small villages on Sulawesi have hardly any training opportunities. Two Indonesian churches want to help these young people on their way to a better future by offering them a number of different training courses.

The wide high-lying valleys of the Toraja plateau are where most of the inhabitants of Sulawesi still live as farmers. Although agriculture ensures their survival, it offers few prospects for the future, especially for young people. On top of that, they have no money to pay for a good school education or vocational training for their children. The Toraja Church (GT) and the Christian Evangelical Church in Minahasa (GMIM) train young Indonesians of both genders at two vocational training centres which offer them totally new prospects for their future. As the country's economy grows, so does the demand for craftsmen and skilled workers.

Motorcycle mechanics and computer skills in Rantepao

Girls especially are encouraged to learn traditional male professions at the Vocational Training Unit of the Toraja Church in Rantepao. The EMS supports training in motorcycle mechanics and computer skills. After the vocational training unit was reorganised, training is now dual tracked. One part takes place in Rantepao and the other part in the home towns of the trainees. There they get to know the conditions on the local labour market and find entry into the working world.

Carpentry apprenticeship in Tomohon

Apprentices at the vocational training centre of the Minahasa Church in Tomohon work with wood, in particular coconut tree wood. The wood of the coconut palm is very hard and was mainly used in the past as firewood. Some years ago, an EMS co-worker developed techniques which allow apprentices to produce furniture and home furnishings made from the hard wood of the coconut tree. The coconut palm, which grows all over Indonesia, can also be used for building houses. The vocational training centre of the Minahasa Church trains apprentices in environmentally friendly woodworking techniques. The young people learn that environmental protection and business thinking are not mutually exclusive.

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