Jordan: Theodor Schneller School

Education for all is the motto of the Theodor Schneller School in Jordan. Children from poor and difficult backgrounds receive the prospect of a better life at the school.

The Theodor Schneller School (TSS) in Jordan is a place of security and peace. It is a place where children of different religions learn together, from kindergarten through to vocational training. The girls and boys mainly come from difficult backgrounds.

Two thirds of the 300 children at the school live in the boarding home. Since 2010, more and more girls have been accepted to the kindergarten, boarding home and school. The school which is unique in its region has a concept that teaches tolerance between cultures. Children of Christian and Muslim origin live together and learn what it means to respect each other and live together in peace. It also means that they celebrate different religious feasts together.

After completing their secondary school-leaving examinations, children at the TSS have the chance to start an apprenticeship as a car mechanic or another profession.

Holistic education

The school practises a concept of holistic education. The school staff is convinced that external conditions have a positive effect on children and their learning ability. This is why the classrooms at the Schneller school are clean and have a friendly atmosphere. The walls are redecorated regularly and a cook prepares fresh delicious meals for the school canteen.

The Theodor Schneller School in Jordan and the Johann Ludwig Schneller School in Lebanon continue the work of the "Syrian Orphanage" which was founded in Jerusalem in 1860. The founder, Johann Ludwig Schneller, gave a new home to children who had lost their parents in the conflict between Druze and Christians. Today, the two schools are important centres of education for Christian and Muslim children. The children receiving attention and education carry the hope for peace in the region.

Your donation provides children at the Theodor Schneller School in Jordan with a place of peace and good schooling.

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