Lebanon: Johann Ludwig Schneller School

There is hope in Lebanon. Children at the Johann Ludwig Schneller School have a chance to lead a better life. They receive a school education, learn how to communicate with other cultures and prepare themselves for the future by learning a technical profession.

The Johann Ludwig Schneller School (JLSS) provides orphans and children from poor families with a sound education and the chance of a better life. Christian and Muslim children learn and live together. It is a loving home where the children live in respect and dialogue between cultures. In their family groups they learn that peaceful coexistence is possible. After completing their secondary school-leaving examinations, the girls and boys have the opportunity to learn a profession such as car mechanic, fitter or carpenter. In the past few years, new professions have been added, such as hairdresser, seamstress and beautician.

As many families fled from the war in Syria to neighbouring countries, the JLSS school board took the decision in 2012 to accept Syrian refugee children. The war and fleeing before its horrors meant that the girls and boys suffered violence and religious marginalisation or lost one of their parents. As a result, many of them are severely traumatised. More than 40 of these children have finally found a place of peace and security at the Schneller school boarding home. They all receive schooling, school meals, textbooks and psychological counselling free of charge.

The school also offers single Syrian mothers a short vocational training course at its workshops where the refugee women learn the profession of seamstress. At the end of the course, they can then start to work for themselves and earn some money.

Investing in the future

It snows frequently at JLSS in winter as the school is situated on a high plateau in Lebanon. The heating system in the building has been continuously modernised in the past few years so that nobody has to sit in cold rooms in winter any more. The latest ecological equipment is future-proof and saves the school large heating oil bills.

Besides the building services, the school has invested in the quality of various vocational training options. At the end of 2012, the carpentry training course at the JLSS made a decisive step forwards: carpenters from Germany came to Lebanon to repair one of the machines which had severe technical problems. They also familiarised the two training instructors in how to use the machine tool. Thanks to donations, the workshop is now well equipped and the apprentices like working on the machines and do so frequently.

Supporting peace in the Middle East

Johann Ludwig Schneller founded the "Syrian Orphanage" in Jerusalem in 1860. Children who had lost their homes during the conflict between Druze and Christians found a new home there and received schooling and craftsman training. The spirit of its founder lives on at the school even today. The JLSS is a well-known educational institution for Christian and Muslim pupils of both genders. The children receiving attention and education carry the hope for peace in the region.

Your donation gives suffering children in Lebanon a chance to receive education and supports the peace process in this region.

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