Rebuilding society

Jugendliche im Gottesdienst im ehemaligen Fl├╝chtlingslager Kakuma in Kenia

Church youth work encourages people in southern Sudan to live together in peace. Also young men and women are learning to take on responsibility again.

The lives of many of Sudan's young people have been shaped by experiences of violence, fleeing their homes and expulsion. For this reason it is particularly important that these young people experience esteem so that they can develop into independent adults. Involvement in church youth work allows them to develop personally and seize opportunities that will lead to a better future. During their youth work young men and women learn to take responsibility for projects. This is important for their future role in church and society.
In their work they acquire an open mind about people of another belief or a different ethnic background. This is an indispensible basis for living a peaceful life together in Sudan. The stability and the rebuilding of society in the south and the maintenance of peace in this region are essentially dependent upon whether young people who are members of different ethnic and church groups can be successfully persuaded to rebuild it together.
Please give a donation and help the Basel Mission/Mission21 to continue to be able to support young people so that they can acquire the basic knowledge they need to build a peaceful future.  

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