Ghana: Securing the Livelihood of Mothers with Disabled Children

Caring for a sick child means more than just investing a lot of time. It also involves treatment costs which often bring families to the limits of their endurance. How can we help them? The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has a solution.

One in about 500 children in the world suffers from cerebral palsy caused by early damage to the brain. Children with cerebral palsy have lasting posture and movement disorders, often involving pain; the symptoms also include speech disorders and epilepsy.

The families of disabled children are faced with major challenges in Ghana. The costs of medical care are high, there are no care possibilities and many mothers must first give up their jobs to look after their children.

For some time, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) has offered parents of disabled children support groups where they meet once a month to exchange their experiences and receive support and professional help. Physiotherapists make house calls and give parents tips on how they can improve the health of their children. At the monthly meetings, it emerges that mothers are the ones who need help the most. After the health of their children has stabilised, many mothers would like to go to work - or have to. They urgently need to earn their own income to secure the survival of their families and meet the needs of their disabled children.

Back to work

In many cases, the women were formerly self-employed seamstresses or hairdressers, but most of them have no capital to take up their professions again. The PCG has therefore developed a project to provide long-term help to parents of children with cerebral palsy. The mothers receive small loans and attend capacity building courses which teach them skills on how to run a business. They are then able to earn their own living and stand on their own two feet. In this way, they can support their children and help them live a better life.

Your donation helps families with disabled children in Ghana to live a better life.