South Africa: Elim Home

"Every step forwards and each smile makes all our efforts more than worthwhile," says Lesinda Cunningham, head of Elim Home. Since 1963, Elim Home in South Africa has provided a place to live for children with disabilities.

Elim Home is a residential special care facility in South Africa for children and young adults with severe intellectual and physical disabilities. The home believes that "every life has a meaning" and is dedicated to providing optimal care and maximising the potential of its residents. For the families affected, the help and support that the home provides is a huge relief. The girls and boys often come from disadvantaged families and have barely any access to medical care.

Full service: 24-hour care and home visits

Lesinda Cunningham and her nursing staff provide their residents with intensive care that is supplemented by other therapies, such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy aimed at enhancing the level of independence of each child. The home has also developed new ideas and concepts, such as teaching the children to help in the home's gardens. The freshly harvested vegetables land on the table or are sold to generate a small additional income.

Since 2013, there have been two additional outside care groups, each about 40 kilometres from Elim Home. The groups support more than 30 children with the care and therapy they need as their families live too far from Elim. It also helps to integrate the parents better into the project and strengthens community awareness. Over 30 disabled children aged between four and 18 attend the two outside facilities.

Elim Home is the largest local employer

In the town of Elim, a missionary settlement which started in 1825, Elim Home is the largest employer providing jobs for a total of 47 women from the surrounding area. The home was founded in 1963 and was the first and only home for coloured children with disabilities in the Western Cape.

Elim Home is part of the diaconal programme of the Moravian Church in South Africa (MCSA). Many congregations of the MCSA have become godparents for individual children and make collections for them at worship services. The money helps the girls and boys, for example to purchase a new wheelchair or a birthday surprise. Since the South African Department of Health funds only 40% of the home's costs, Elim Home needs our and your support.

Your donation helps Elim Home to care for children and young adults with disabilities and to provide them a home and support.

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