Spiritual and social community

Frauengruppe in Uniform in der Presbyterianischen Kirche in Kamerun

The women’s fellowship of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) gains its strength from the Bible. It empoweres women to become self independent and supports self-help groups and female employment.

Church women’s activity is a growing, living movement that is the backbone of the church. The emphasis of group work in town and countryside is to mutually strengthen their faith and to enrich society with their many activities and ideas. The Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) Movement started at the beginning of the 1960s. Today there are fellowships in many church communities: more than 950 of them, with over 43, 000 members. The women’s groups provide a spiritual home for many women and practical help with vital life issues. In addition, their aim for themselves and for others is to improve their social situation and living conditions. They are involved in projects that, among other things, also help them to find employment. These include a vocational school for young women and a self-help cooperative founded by school leavers.

Please make a donation so that the Basel Mission can continue to support the PCC’s women’s organisation in Cameroon.

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