Spiritual and social stability

Bei der Arbeit in der kirchlichen Töpferei

Youth centres and training in traditional skilled trades and handicraft offer young people a solid basis for independence. Just under half the population of Cameroon is below the age of fifteen, which presents a great challenge for Cameroon society. The Presbyterian Church of Cameroon (PCC) is tackling the situation and placing great emphasis on youth work. The countrywide programme for young people covers spiritual needs, education and training opportunities, as well as offering social advice on vital issues.
Their five national youth centres are places of encounter and training. The young people can just meet, they can use the advice service and they can take part in educational and recreational activities.  

In addition, there are church training facilities for young people, mainly in the traditional skilled trades in a handicraft centre for woodwork and in a pottery. An IT training center is planned for the future, and a brickyard.

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