Prayer Calendar

On 31 pages (for every day of the month) the Prayer Calendar briefly portrays a church, a mission society or an area of EMS activity, mentioning a specific concern for the respective year and a proposed prayer.

The Prayer Calendar also appears annually in Indonesian and German. It is available free of charge from the EMS Secretariat.

Release Year:

Fürbittkalender 2016 (dt.)

Die Anliegen der Kirchen und Missionsgesellschaften in der EMS-Gemeinschaft für jeden Tag

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Fürbittkalender 2016 (eng.)

The everyday concerns of the churches and mission societies within the EMS Fellowship for every day

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Fürbittkalender 2016 (indo.)

Harapan dan doa gereja - gereja dan badan misi dalam persekutuan EMS untuk setiap hari

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