Middle East: Are Religious Minorities Important For a Society?

EMS Sharing of Life Concerns

Time: 13:00 pm - 14:15 pm

Event location: Zoom Conference

In the 21st century, we are experiencing a decline of cultural diversity worldwide. In many countries minorities are under pressure for different reasons. From outside cultural, religious or ethnic diversity is often perceived as a source of conflict. But are homogenous societies more peaceful? Do they have less conflicts? How to argue in favour of cultural, religious or ethnic diversity?  

In the next Sharing we would like to explore these questions, referring to the situation of Christians in the Middle East. 

Katja Dorothea Buck, speaker in this “Sharing”, is a religious and political scientist. As a journalist she works since many years on the topic of Christians in the Middle East and recently came back from a research trip to Iraq and Palestine. In the EMS context she’s been editing “Schneller Magazine – on Christian Life in the Middle East” since 2003.  

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