Nigeria: Emergency Aid, Rebuilding and Trauma Work

Islamist terror and armed conflicts have brought great suffering to Nigeria. Together with Swiss missionary group Mission 21, the Basel Mission German Branch (BMDZ) provides humanitarian aid. One focus of this work is on psychosocial support for people traumatised by violence.

Since 2009, terrorist militia Boko Haram has spread fear and terror in northeast Nigeria. Bloody attacks, kidnappings and bombings have left the country in a state akin to civil war. To make matters worse, since 2018, additional conflicts between Nigerian ethnic groups have produced previously unseen levels of violence. Thousands have been brutally murdered. Many families have been driven out of their ancestral villages or forced to flee.

Emergency aid and sustainability

Today, some areas are relatively safe. However, roughly 2.5 million people are still forced to build a new life for themselves far from their home. They are literally left with nothing and must start again from scratch. About one million of those affected belong to the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN), a partner church of the Basel Mission German Branch (BMDZ) and Mission 21. The involvement of Mission 21 and BMDZ combines rapidly-effective humanitarian aid with sustainable development work. These offerings are aimed at all affected, regardless of whether they are Christian or Muslim – and represent a valuable contribution to achieving a peaceful coexistence between the religions.


203.8 million inhabitants, of which 2.6 million are on the run and 8.5 million require humanitarian aid

Basis for a new life

Together with regional project partners, Mission 21 and BMDZ supply people with food, drinking water and urgently required necessities. The two mission groups also provide material help with the building of houses and cultivating of fields. In doing so, they work closely with the regional project partner “Emergency Preparedness and Response Team” (EPRT). They offer arrangements for making additional income, with which refugees can secure their long-term existence. Children are also given access to education. School materials are provided and school fees are paid. But the support does not stop there: many people are deeply traumatised by the terrible acts of violence and need professional support, in order to be able to overcome what they have experienced. Special therapy is provided for these people.

Project goals

The project is aimed at the victims of Boko Haram and ethnic conflicts in central Nigeria. The goal is to provide the resources and relief items that are urgently required by those people affected by terror and violence, in order to sustainably improve their living conditions. The supported provided whilst rebuilding their lives gives families prospects for the future. The psychosocial support helps traumatised women and men to cope with what they have experienced and retake control of their lives.

Project work

The project work comprises many measures, which complement each other: it starts with the provision of essential supplies like foodstuffs, clothing and medicine in the event of a disaster. Another focus is on helping people help themselves and secure their livelihoods. Families who have lost everything are given seeds, building material and tools, in order to rebuild their homes. Children can go back to school. The church also trains pastors for trauma work.


Project partner

The Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) is a young and rapidly-growing church, which is based in the northeast of the African country. Founded in 1923, it now has more than two million members. Since 1959, its work has been supported by the Basel Mission. It focusses on rural development, as well as health and education work. In terms of its spiritual profile, the EYN is a peace church, which is committed to peace and reconciliation across religions.

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Executive Secretary BMDZ

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Head of Unit Fundraising

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Islamist terror and armed conflicts have brought great suffering to Nigeria. Together with Swiss missionary group Mission 21, the Basel Mission German Branch (BMDZ) provides humanitarian aid. One focus of this work…

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