Mission and Partnership

Collaboration between EMS members concentrates on issues which concern us all:

  • What does passing on the good news of Jesus Christ mean today in view of fundamentalist tendencies in many religions as well as strongly secular movements, not only in Europe?
  • How do we train young ministers for the church?
  • How do churches face social challenges emerging as a result of ageing populations or the marginalisation of people with handicaps in most parts of the world?
  • How do we enter into dialogue through role expectations and family traditions where changes are experienced by some as a break-up and by others as a threat?
  • How can we as a fellowship contribute to preventing so-called minorities and marginalised groups - to which Christians also belong - from being pushed to the side?
  • What role do Christian churches play to promote peaceful coexistence of different religious groups in societies?

As the EMS Fellowship, our great opportunity is to talk about controversial topics in all trust and confidence with each other and to learn from each other.