Lived solidarity

"Solidarity means vulnerability"

Standing up for each other is taken for granted in the EMS. "Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS)" also means standing up for others who are not part of the inner family circle. As it says in the Theological Guidelines, "Our witness finds expression in signs of living solidarity. As reconciling and healing communities we share life, also suffering. We strive for human rights. We also strive for a just community of women and men and in all generations."

This is why the EMS supports minorities who strive for their rights, such as the Buraku in Japan, the Dalit in India or the Sinti and Roma in Germany. We respond in times of crisis and therefore actively support refugees in Syria and in Lebanon. We are linked to association movements which strive for justice and the preservation of the creation. Commitment to democracy and human rights in Korea and South Africa is part of the history of the EMS. EMS members in East Asia and Indonesia take action so that environmental policies can take root in their countries. The EMS makes political demands which repeatedly cause disputes in the Middle East. We fully realise that in the end solidarity means vulnerability.