Dalit solidarity in Germany

In the past, they were called the "casteless" because they belonged to none of the four main castes in Hinduism. Today, they call themselves the "Dalit" (broken people) with great self-awareness. Due to their origin, the only things left for them to do are the simplest and dirtiest jobs such as cleaning toilets. They are discriminated against both because of their family origins as well as their work. They were also called the "Untouchables" as no member of a Hindu caste wanted to come close to them, let alone touch them. The message of the gospel that all people are equal is a special message in India proclaiming the liberation of the Dalit.

The EMS is cosponsor of the platform "Dalit Solidarity in Germany", which is committed to equal rights for all people on the Indian subcontinent. This platform with its seat in Hamburg disseminates information in Germany through publications and events. In India it actively works together with other Dalit organisations through churches and political institutions. The EMS also supports projects by the Church of South India which are aimed at strengthening the rights of the Dalit.

For more information on this topic, please visit the platform "Dalit Solidarität in Deutschland".