Social and Ecological Justice

Still a long way away from justice

The proportion of the world population who suffer from hunger has been diminishing for many years. Fewer mothers die in childbirth. Life expectation is increasing in many countries. More and more children attend school, including girls. A middle class has emerged in many countries.

This is the good news: many people are better off.

Today, although more people are overweight than are suffering from hunger, there is still not enough food for those who hunger. Although many parents almost everywhere in the world are making great sacrifices so that their children can receive a good education, millions of school are deplorably equipped. Proper medical care is still unaffordable for most people. Some individuals have amassed great fortunes which exceed the value of entire national economies.

This is the bad news: the human family is still far away from justice.

The way in which we live makes forests, animal species and enormous fish stocks disappear every year. Many of the raw materials we consume have already been used up to a great extent. The climate conditions are changing rapidly and no-one knows what the planet will look like in 100 years' time. The generation of our children and grandchildren will have to tackle huge problems.

This is the bad news: we live at the expense of nature, at the expense of other countries and at the expense of those who will come after us.

Almost everywhere, people are using their energy so that something will change. The churches of the EMS Fellowship are making enormous efforts to improve living conditions. They run schools and medical stations. They have discovered that nature is no longer playing along and they realise that we must all preserve God's creation. Many projects of the EMS family work to support humanity and the creation.

This is again good news: a world-wide fellowship such as the EMS is able to do something to promote social and ecological justice.