The international EMS Fellowship has taken up HIV and AIDS as an important concern. Its purpose is to show lively solidarity with HIV and AIDS patients and support them in living with this condition, often regarded as a stigma. In practice that means:

  • Increasing information and awareness-raising for co-workers and partners
  • Promoting voluntary HIV tests (Voluntary Counselling and Testing) and supporting HIV-positive co-workers in the EMS Fellowship
  • Establishing HIV and AIDS as a cross-cutting issue in the EMS Fellowship by means of projects, seminars, theological exchange and awareness-raising programmes to prevent fresh infections
  • Getting involved in advocacy and lobbying (see EMS HIV and AIDS Policy)

EMS is a cosponsor of Action against AIDS Germany. Under the heading: “Life is a human right” this organisation challenges politicians and the pharmaceutical industry to make a suitable contribution to combating AIDS.
EMS is also a member of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, which has over 100 church and church-related member organisations.

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