Integrity of Creation

Forming an alliance for Ecological Justice

The EMS invites parishes and groups in their member churches in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe to join this alliance and commit themselves to preserving the creation.

The "Ecological Community Movement Centre" of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea promotes environmental awareness in parishes. In Indonesia there are reforestation projects on Bali and Sulawesi; in Ghana a solar system was installed on the roof of a church conference centre. In Japan and Germany, Christians are demonstrating against nuclear energy and for renewable energies. These are only some of the many encouraging initiatives.

We need the co-operation of the churches in the North and the South to achieve the great transformation of our way of living and our economy. It is very important to combine our efforts to preserve the creation and overcome poverty and work together with people of other faiths or those who have no religious affiliation.

Parishes, institutions and groups from many different countries as well as groups in direct partnership join together to form an alliance for ecological justice. In so doing, they undertake and provide mutual encouragement to strive for the life of the entire creation. Through their different approaches, they stimulate new ideas and encourage each other.

The international EMS Fellowship is therefore making its contribution to the world-wide "Justice and Peace Pilgrimage" which was adopted by the General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Korea in 2013. It is good to go on a pilgrimage with others. A pilgrimage involves songs and prayers, meetings with unknown people on the side, sensitive listening and looking as well as joint reflection and action. It's all about inner and outer transformation. It's a mission for life.