Women and Gender

What does "gender" mean?

As opposed to biological gender, "gender" here means a person's "social gender". Gender theories assume that differences between women and men are primarily caused by the social environment such as upbringing, education, the media and religion and are not the result of genetics. In order to overcome the existing disadvantages, women and girls should be given special support. At the same time, men and women should become sensitised to gender issues. Gender issues are increasingly perceived as cross-cutting concerns.

Targeted promotion of women

Since gender justice is a vital precondition for sustainable development, the EMS provides special support to women in their member churches. This takes place by an international network of women in Africa, Asia and Europe and by special support given to women in gender projects. An important forum for mutual exchange is the publication OUR VOICES.

At the women's technical college run by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), young women receive school education and vocational training with the aim of improving their chances on the labour market. The Church of South India (CSI) maintains a rehabilitation centre for women in Bangalore where Christian, Hindu and Muslim women suffering from poverty, lack of education and violence receive help. Numerous other projects supported by the EMS are the result of women's initiatives, such as the Sive School for the Deaf and the Masangane Aids Project in South Africa and work with handicapped children on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.