The international project “Reading the Bible Through the Eyes of Another” brings together people from different countries, who read the same Bible texts as each other. Two groups enter into a partnership arrangement. They then select the texts together, share their insights with each other and thus learn to see the message of the Bible in a totally new light.



The first registration round is already closed and tandem groups have been set up. Yet, you can continue to register for the Bible Project using the registration form. As soon as enough new registrations are received, we will start the next matching round.

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Bible Texts and Reflections

An international team and children from EMS member churches prepared the project. Seven texts from both Testaments relating to the EMS focus theme 2022-2024 "Integrity of Creation" were chosen for the tandem work. The wisdom of the ancient texts has lost none of its relevance for our lives - including in view of today's environmental and climate crises. For your group work, you will find below seven Biblical texts with reflections and questions as well as the procedure for a group meeting.

Indonesian and Korean versions of the Bible Project documents will be made available for download soon on this site. In the meantime, please use the English materials.

Genesis 9:8-17

God’s coventant with Noah, with humans and animals with reflection and questions by children of the EMS fellowship.

Matthew 6:25-34

Do not worry or: what really matters with reflection and questions by Emmanuel Kwame Tettey.

Genesis 11:1-9

The Tower of Babel: “Is ‘top in the heavens‘ humane?“ with reflection and questions by Changhwan KIM.

Mark 14:3-9

Anointing in Bethany, in memory of her – a story about waste? with reflection and questions by Yessica Patricia Fridolia Kansil.

Psalm 104

Discerning God as creator and provider in creation with reflection and questions by Marceline Yele Lambiv.

Romans 8:18-25

Hope for creation: A call to live new visions with reflection and questions by Eleanor McCormick.

Isaiah 58:6-12

Your light shall break forth like the dawn with reflection and questions by Felix Weise.

Our Project Team


Changhwan KIM

Rev. Dr Changhwan Kim is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. He now serves as an ecumenical co-worker of the Palatinate Church in Germany.

Marceline Yele Lambiv

Rev. Dr Marceline Yele Lambiv is a Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, currently lecturing at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary Kumba.



Rev. Felix Weise is an ordained minister at the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg. He works at the media office developing devotions for young people.


Emmanuel Kwame Tettey

Emmanuel Kwame Tettey is a member of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and a Research Fellow at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture in Ghana.


Yessica Patricia Fridolia Kansil

Yessica Patricia Fridolia is a member of the Protestant Churches in South-East Sulawesi. She works as an assistant for the Youth and Adolescent Bureau of the Communion of Churches in Jakarta.

Eleanor McCormick

Rev. Eleanor B. McCormick is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ in the US. She now serves as an ecumenical co-worker in the Protestant Church of Baden .



In view of the climate crisis, extinction of species, misuse of resources and pollution we are all called to be involved and act. As Christians, of course, we are not excluded from this shared responsibility. In the Bible, we find many reference points to talk about God ́s creation and our responsibility in it. And this is exactly where the international Bible Reading has its starting point – in the word of God, with us, and with the big picture in mind.


Bible Sharing is a specific approach to reading the Bible within groups developed in South Africa. Bible Sharing offers each member of the group the chance to praticipate actively and express freely the way in which the Bible text speaks to him or her.

Indonesian and Korean versions of the Bible Project documents will be made available for download soon on this site. In the meantime, please use the English materials.

The Bible Reading Project officially runs until November 2024. We will keep you updated via newsletter. We are happy to support and advise you in your search for a partner group and are available to answer any questions you may have.


Kerstin Neumann

Head of Unit Intercultural Theology and Education, Women and Gender

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