Monday, 29. November 2021

40 Years of Human Rights Work at the Buraku Liberation Center

DOAM and EMS congratulate the United Church of Christ in Japan (KYODAN)


In an effort to overcome discriminatory structures and attitudes within its own ranks as well as in Japanese society, the United Church of Christ in Japan (KYODAN) founded the Buraku Liberation Center (BLC) in Osaka in September 1981. It was officially inaugurated in November of that year.

Since their ancestors worked in professions that were considered "unclean", such as tanners, butchers or gravediggers, and although they were granted equal right by law in 1871, the Buraku are still subjected to discrimination in Japan today when they look for a job or a place to live, and also when it comes to finding a life partner.

For the past 40 years, co-workers at the BLC have been active in this field, issuing publications on the topic, introducing people to the problem through theatre plays, and using information events throughout the country to overcome prejudices and raise awareness of injustice.

On the international front, the Buraku Liberation Center works with Dalit self-help organisations in India and with Sinti and Roma associations in Germany as well as with the Sinti, Roma and Churches in Baden-Württemberg working group. The shared goals are to ensure that human dignity is respected everywhere and that everyone can live together in equality.

The German East Asia Mission (DOAM) and the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) extend their hearty congratulations on the Center’s 40th anniversary.

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