Wednesday, 05. July 2017

Children's Service in India – Three Questions for ...

... Rev. Solomon Benjamin, EMS Liaison Secretary East Asia and India


How does children's service look like in India?

The churches in India give lot of importance to children ministry. Sunday school or young church is found in every church. Children from age group of 3 onwards come to Sunday schools. We have special Sunday school syllabus or curriculum and for the young children it is fun and learning. They do lots of action songs, paintings, games and stories bible stories built on activities which help them to remember stories. There are choreographies and dances depicting songs and themes at Sunday school, for example, the birth of Christ, is a time of festival. The Sunday schools put up small plays, musicals, dances and choreographic songs. The parents encourage this and help them practice at home.

What are the current topics of children in India?

The children could concentrate only for little time so activities and topics are relevant to the span of concentration. Sunday schools focus on singing, visiting homes for elderly, or orphanages, picnics, playing with children who live in special homes. Topics of obedience, learning from elders, good and healthy eating habits, activities and exercises, junior choirs, singing in front of the church congregation, learning music, piano, guitar, violin etc.

What connects children worldwide?

The innocence of love, prayers, playfulness, attractions to videos, mobiles, dances, paintings and drawings, walking with parents, attractions to animals, fiends like EMSO and Pipet, loving pets and nurturing them, visiting zoo. The child like spirit of trust and openness.

Children make quick friends, love to be in the center of activities. Being possessive of ones belonging. Fun loving. Caring and obedient.

The largest connectivity is prayer, love of Christ, church, schools, families, friends, and songs.