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EMS Annual Report 2022

Facts, figures and projects


The 2022 annual report of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) is now available. the 16-page publication entitled "Free for the Future" can be ordered free of charge or downloaded from the EMS website.

In 2022, the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was originally founded as an exclusively German mission society but since then, it has evolved into a worldwide fellowship of equals. This form of cooperation based on equal rights and spanning three continents is almost unique: “Together we can win over new people to the faith. Together we are committed to combating the destruction of God's creation and to working for justice and peace,” writes EMS General Secretary Dr Dieter Heidtmann in the foreword to the Annual Report.

This solidarity was confronted with special challenges when the Ukraine war broke out and the war’s impacts were felt in many countries of the EMS member churches. For example, the war made the already difficult economic situation in Lebanon even worse. In Indonesia, food supplies were in jeopardy, while Europe had to fend off a looming energy crisis. In many places, inflation reached a new high and even reached double figures at times in Germany. All this exacerbated the work of the EMS Secretariat last year.

Balanced financial statement

Nevertheless, almost €2.5 million were invested in projects and programmes in 2022 - including 51 major projects submitted by EMS members. The EMS Future Fund, which was introduced on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the EMS, also met with enthusiastic support. The aim of the fund is to improve the education prospects of children all over the world. More than €110,000 were received in donations. “Overall, the EMS is able to report a balanced annual financial statement for 2022,” emphasized Executive Secretary Rudolf Bausch in the Financial Statement.

"Free for the future", the title of the Annual Report, alludes to the slogan of the EMS Jubilee and is derived from the words of St Paul “For freedom Christ has set us free!” (Galatians 5:1). Read more about the Jubilee as well as thefacts and figures, associations and members of the EMS in the current annual report. It is obtainable free of charge at as an eBook that can be downloaded or as a printed copy (in German only) from our website at

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„Free for the Future“

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