Thursday, 06. July 2023

“Be Reconciled With God. On the Path to Peace.“

The New Issue of "EMS Insights" Is Out!


The main feature in the current issue of “EMS Insights” focuses on the theme of “Be Reconciled with God. On the path to peace.“ 

Jesus' entreaty to love one's enemies is one of the key messages of the Gospels. But how are peace and reconciliation possible? What can each and every one of us actually do to achieve this? In this issue of EMS Insights we present encouraging examples from the peace and reconciliation work of the international EMS Fellowship. For instance, Shin Seung-min, pastor of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic Korea (PROK), reports on the long-standing struggle for peace on the Korean peninsula: "70 years are enough and it is time for an end to the war." This is the demand made by the churches and the civil society.  

In his theological reflection, Stefan Schwarzer, pastor for peace, examines the question of how true reconciliation can succeed. Former Bishop Augustine Joemath takes readers on a Pilgrimage of Grace through South Africa. Also discover how the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Baden (EKIBA) is bringing a new perspective to peace and security policy. As always, this issue of “EMS Insights” contains news about EMS networks, mission societies and programmes.

“EMS Insights” is free of charge and appears twice a year. It is available for download in e-book format here.