Tuesday, 26. October 2021

Practising Solidarity in Difficult Times

EMS Annual Report 2020 Out Now


Every year has its particular challenges, but 2020 was in many ways a year like no other. The coronavirus pandemic thwarted many plans and prompted us to take swift action in other areas at the same time.

"Practising solidarity in difficult times" is our focus in the 2020 Annual Report. We report on the rapid coronavirus aid provided by the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS), which was made possible by the many people who sent us donations. In addition, we describe long-term successes, for example by improving the living conditions of people in Sulawesi (Indonesia) and other projects in India, Ghana, Jordan and Lebanon. In the financial report and annual financial statement, we account for how we handle the funds entrusted to us.

Find out more about the new EMS strategy "Free for the Future", which the international EMS Association has adopted for 2021 - 2026. Order your copy now at info@dont-want-spam.ems-online.org or download it here. We hope you enjoy reading it!

„Free for the Future“

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