Friday, 01. September 2017

We Sing and Celebrate

Sunday School in the Protestant Church of Sabah, Malaysia


An ordinary Sunday Morning in Sabah Church

There are normally one or more teachers for children's service every Sunday. All parents come to the church along together with their children. After having arrived together with the adults, the children split to a separate group. The Sunday school teacher is responsible for organizing the lesson in Sunday school. Teachers will teach them to pray, sing Christian songs, memorise verses of the Bible and also colouring pictures. The picture is always related to a story from the Bible, which the teacher tells the children on this very Sunday.

Afterwards the children give offering (money). When the money is collected, the Sunday school is going to be closed by saying a prayer. Either the teacher or a child can say this prayer.

The big performance

The children will then get ready to present a song in church for the whole congregation. The parents love to watch their child in the children's choir. This ritual occurs every Sunday. The song may be performed either before or after the sermon. This is really important for the children and makes them feel good to present a song in front of their parents. The children may then feel accepted and involved in the adults group. Also all the parents are happy to watch their own child presenting a song in church. This is also so important because the children in the Sunday school are the future of our church. I would have loved to seen such a children's choir in a German church during my volunteer exchange. I suggest this would also be a nice idea for German congregations.

Special Events

At the end of the year, the collected money is to be used for children games. And there is also a Christmas song competition for children at the end of the year.

Once a year, there is Sunday school Day. Sunday School Day is the biggest celebration of Sunday school. All children of all church congregations from Sabah come together. There is fun, activities; solo and group sing competitions, bible verse memories competitions and even more.