Monday, 28. March 2022

Trombone Choirs as Ambassadors of Peace

Singing and playing for the EMS jubilee

"Let us be ambassadors of love and peace." This message, which is part of the EMS anniversary song, can now be carried musically by trombone choirs around the world in church services, devotions or at events. Trombone choir sheet music in different keys is available for free download on the website of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS).  

At the beginning of the year, EMS General Secretary Dr Dieter Heidtmann already sent the song "Together We Are Free” on a musical world tour. The song was composed especially for the 50th anniversary of the mission society. The idea behind this is to record the song interpreted locally by church groups all around the world. Videos of the song are intended to demonstrate the diversity of the worldwide church communities.

Originally, a video, lyrics and sheet music were provided for this, together with playback and instrumental versions. At the suggestion of Indonesia, a karaoke version was added. What is brand new now is trombone choir sheet music in the keys of A flat major and G major: "The EMS jubilee song appealed to me straight away, both its content and the music," says arranger Peter Alber from Filderstadt. "I’ve rarely seen such strong thoughts concentrated in one song. I hope that my trombone choir arrangement will contribute to bringing people together around the globe in musical solidarity and peace." Two trombone choirs in South Africa are already rehearsing the EMS song. Sheet music for church choirs in German and English is in preparation.

It is planned to present a mix of the videos sent in during the services in the member churches of the EMS on Sunday, 18 September. Then all congregations in the 25 EMS member churches in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are invited to celebrate the EMS jubilee and to make the worldwide church fellowship more widely known. For this purpose, there will also be a special liturgy as well as further materials on the website.

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