Climate change, species extinction, waste of resources, environmental pollution – these issues relate to Christians in a special way. We have a responsibility to care for God’s creation. As a global Christian community, we must even do more to ensure that future generations have a chance for a decent life – a life without hunger, poverty, and fighting for resources. As Christians we are stewards of God’s creation.

We find hope and strength in prayers and meditations empowering us to take action. Furthermore, many points of reference in the Bible provide reflections on God's creation and our responsibility towards it. This is where the international Bible reading project starts: with the Word of God, with us, with the view of the big picture. A project team has selected seven Bible passages and developed supporting material. International tandem groups are to engage in exchange through attentive listening and open conversations. We are looking forward to many bible reading groups joining, broadening their faith and taking responsibility into action.

The project officially starts in November. Preregistration is possible now:  


Program Membaca Alkitab

Lebih dari 250 kelompok dari 20 negara telah ambil bagian dalam beberapa tahun terakhir dan memperoleh penga-laman pertukaran yang menarik dan yang memperluas wawasan.

국제적 성경읽기

이미 20개 국가의 250개 이상의 단체들이 지난 시간 동안 이 프로젝트에 참여했으며, 상호 교류와 상대방을 보다 많이 알아가는 이 흥미진진한 여정에로 나아갔습니다.

For the official registration and tandem building starting in November 2022 you willl be asked to enter your details and to let us know your preferred tandem partner (church, language, country). All those who have signed up earlier will then be informed about the opening of registration.

The Bible Reading Project runs until November 2024. The official registration period will end in January 2023, so that tandems can be identified quickly. You can, of course, register later. Our Bible reading newsletter will keep you informed.

We are happy to support and advise you in your search for a tandem group and are available for any kind of questions.


Kerstin Neumann

Head of Unit Intercultural Theology and Education, Women and Gender

+49 711 636 78 -33

Regine Nagel

Coordinator Ecumenical Youth Volunteers Programme

+49 711 636 78 -13