Thursday, 24. June 2021

A Modern Kingdom in the Ancient Biblical Heartland

The Schneller Magazine concentrates on Jordan

It is one hundred years since the state that is now the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was founded. It could have remained a footnote in history as it was only a temporary attempt by the British mandatory power to forge a balance between different interests and promises in the Middle East on a parcel of land that was inhospitable and poor in raw materials – but it was never designed to be permanent. The fact that over the decades it subsequently became an anchor of stability in the political landscape of the region, despite all the tensions, can only be described as a success story. In this spirit, Schneller Magazine would like to send its congratulations to the Kingdom. After Lebanon and Armenia we complete with Jordan our series of country booklets.

The articles in this issue deal with questions that are perhaps not so often addressed in the context of this anniversary: Al-Fuheis, for example, an old Christian city in Jordan, the role of Evangelical churches and the interfaith spectrum – and of course the work of the Theodor Schneller School in Amman. We are especially delighted to have won over Her Excellency Haifa Najjar, member of the Jordanian Upper House of Parliament, to pen an article on the Jordanian education system. And we get an insight into the work of the German-Jordanian Society (DJG) with which the Schneller Association has connections at various levels.

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