Tuesday, 30. August 2022

A Voice for Children in the Churches

Reverend Gustina Saruran from the Toraja Church in Indonesia works with the EMS for the Children´s Programme


Gustina Saruran started a network of Sunday School teachers and organises workshops in Indonesian Churches. In the workshops she talks about the Children´s Programme and shows ideas how to establish Global Learning with children.

 “I love to work for Children´s Service especially with synods in Indonesia, but also with EMS all around the world”, Gustina Saruran says,”to talk and think about children today means to talk about today and the future. If people, also churches, start to see children as subject, that means children become central of church service.”

For her it is on of the most important points to see children as a subject and central in the church. EMS is working on this big task by building cooperation with churches around the world including Indonesia.

There are two major programmes that are being worked on together in an international team: namely making booklets with global issues such as peace, integrity of creation and promoting a Child Friendly Church. For Gustina Saruran this work is based on Christ's mission to make children as friends and even children as examples of those who have the kingdom of heaven.

Gustina Saruran studied for diploma in Theological Seminary of Eastern Indonesia Makassar Indonesia (2007) and for Postgraduate in Tainan Theological College and Seminary Taiwan (2018). She works also for Toraja Church as duty pastor and as secretary of Child Protection and Woman Commission. She stays in Makassar (South of Sulawesi) with her husband and 3 children, also 5 adopted children. She has a dream of making a school for abandoned children and orphans where the emphasis is on how to build children’s self-confidence so that they make themselves subject.