Wednesday, 12. September 2018

Castle Church Herleshausen - Three Questions For...

...Pastor Katrin Klöpfel


At which event in the castle church Herleshausen did the elephant Emso and the little bird Pipit visit you?

On the 4th of August we celebrated a family service for school enrolment. The 24 first-graders of the Südringgauschule brought their siblings, parents, grandparents and godparents with them. The castle church was well filled. Emso and Pipit performed in the church service. Pipit sat sadly on the pulpit. He would have liked to have been as courageous as the school children. How good that the elephant Emso knew and was able to tell a great courage story from the Bible. To hear that with God the little ones are the biggest, Pipit did really good. And afterwards they sang a courage-making song together with the children, namely the children's courage song.


What does the children's service look like in your church congregations?

Many small villages belong to our parishes. Almost every village has its own church. But we always celebrate our family services together in one church. The children are all personally invited with a letter. And, of course, the children of the Herleshausen Protestant Kindergarten and their families are also present. At the moment our congregations do not offer a regular children's divine service. There were simply too few children. We are now trying something new. Right now we are preparing a big Bible Day for children between 6 and 12 years. The Bible Day is entitled: "What are you dreaming about?"


What are the current topics of your Bible Day and how do the children learn from other children worldwide?

During our Bible Day we will tell the children about Jacob in a narrative tent. And of Jacob's dream. (Genesis 1:28). In his dream, Jacob sees a ladder that connects heaven and earth. On the ladder angels go up and down. And Jacob hears God's voice. God promises him his company and his blessing. What a dream! 'And what do you dream of?,' we ask the children. And also mean by that: What do you want for your life? The children paint their dream. And tell each other about it. And then we let children from other regions of the world tell us what they dream about. We watch short films in which children talk about their big life dream. Of course, all children worldwide have an idea of what their life should look like. All children dream of a good life and set themselves goals that they want to achieve. And God agrees with them: I accompany you on your path of life and bless you!