Tuesday, 10. October 2017

Children's Service in Korea - Three Questions for ...

... Rev. Heekyung Jeong from the presbyterian Youndong-Church in Seoul


How does a typical children's service look like in your church?

Our church, Youndong presbyterian church in Seoul, has emphasized children's ministry from its beginning in 1907. Especially, the service with children in our church starts with a small group before sermon to help kids understand the Bible story with the easier approach. During the worship service, children love to dance and sing freely with special songs for them and listen to the Scripture as well. After the service is over, we encourage parents to reflect on what their children have learned together at home during weekdays.

What are the current topics of children in Southkorea?

Our current topic of children in Korea is the peace at stake. Every August second Sunday, the closest Sunday to the national independence day, churches are required to pray for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. Our church did a significant activity on the Sunday this year. After sharing thoughts on the St. Nicholas church story in Leipzig which played a significant role by a small prayer meeting before reunification in Germany, children are encouraged to make peace wings of doves with their palm prayer request on them. A kid wrote like this: "Lord, I hope 'One Korea', not divided by North and South. I would like to go to Mt. Geumkang (in North Korea) and I wish my friends in NK could come to Seoul also. Please make this happen. Amen." God of justice and peace hears these prayers and will answer soon.

What connects children worldwide?

Every last Sunday of the month, we remember "Missions and Missionaries" for connecting children to the world. On Mission Sunday, we often invite special missionary from all around the world to learn how God's work is keeping on. When we have no special missionary, we do intercessory prayer and meaningful activities for peace and justice of the World. For example, we share the current issues all around world and then cover a band aid with an intercessory prayer on the spot in the world map.