Wednesday, 31. May 2017

Children's Service in our Church - Three Questions for...

... Vanessa Kluge and Jasmin Huttenlocher: They are in charge of the children's service in Heiningen, Germany, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Wuerttemberg


How does a typical Children's Service look like in your church?

The service for children in our church starts with the assembly of all children. We sing a song together and the birthday children are invited to take a present out of the surprising box. Then we pray together and we talk about the particular topic of the children's service. Children love to participate and talk about their very own experiences. Afterwards we draw, play or do handicrafts related to the topic. At the end of the children's service, all children gather again for bidding farewell.

Which are the current topics of children in Germany?

Outlawing and bullying are prevailing topics of children in Germany at the moment. Even young children start to compare themselves with other children: "Who has got the more beautiful top? Who wears the most expensive trousers? Who has even already got a mobile phone?" Almost every day children asks questions like these. It often comes to formations of groups. There3fore it can happen that children who do not own a mobile phone or who do not wear expensive trousers are getting segregated. In worse cases bullying is the result of segregation. Thus it is so important to convey the children - already in the early years - that it is not all about the look or wealth. But it is important to have friends who like you just the way you are.

What connects children worldwide?

Children worldwide are connected by religion. Religion enables children to express their feelings in prayers and to give comfort in sad moments. Religion accepts every human being just as he or she is - no matter what colour of skin and no matter where someone comes from.
A lot of people also feel connected through their faith and therefore support each other.


Jasmin Huttenlocher is a trainee for industrial management assistant
and she is part of the Sunday School Teachers Team in Heiningen, Germany.

Vanessa Kluge is a trainee for financial assistant
and she is also part of the Sunday School Teachers Team in Heiningen, Germany.