Thursday, 07. July 2022

The new “EMS Insights” Is Out!

"Cultivate and Guard God’s Creation"


The impact of climatic change on our world cannot be overlooked. But what do we as Christians understand by God's command to “work and keep” His creation? Can we deduce any specific instructions for sustainable and ecologically responsible action from the Bible? More and more member churches and mission agencies of the EMS are responding to this question with a resounding Yes! We present some examples in this issue. 

A million trees and the Green School programme 

Our main feature reports on the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) which is committed to sustainability and environmental protection through its nationwide tree planting and recycling campaigns. We also present the "Green School" project organised by the Church of South India (CSI). This project is aligning CSI schools with the principles of sustainability and encourages its students to develop plans for climate-friendly environmental management.  

“Behold,” says God, “I establish my covenant with you and your descendants after you, and every living creature.” (Gen 9:9-10) The theological reflection this time comes from South India and is dedicated to the divine interconnectedness of all life and our responsibility towards the creation.  

Urgent appeal of the EMS Youth 

Preserving the creation and biblical responsibility are also the focus of the interview with David William Daniels, who is the youth representative on the EMS Mission Council. “We do not have much time left,” warns the South African. “I call on all church leaders to not just 'tick' the box saying that we discussed this topic in our Church organisations, but that we have taken action on the reports or resolutions.” 

Readers can also share in what people within the EMS Fellowship are concerned about in news from the networks, programmes and associations. 

Free magazine in English and German 

The 20-page magazine is now available from the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS). Produced by a team of editors from Africa, Asia and Europe, the magazine opens up international perspectives on our EMS member churches and mission societies.  

“EMS Einblick” appears twice a year in German and English (“EMS Insights” only digitally). Order printed copies in German by phone at +49 711 636 78 60 or by email at Both the German version “EMS Einblick” and the English version “EMS Insights” can be downloaded as an e-book here.