Monday, 28. June 2021

Call for Just Worldwide Distribution of Corona Vaccine

Meeting of the EMS International Mission Council

The Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) calls for a just worldwide distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. Together, churches in the EMS are advocating for more justice in the global distribution of vaccines.

"In our country, less than one percent of the population is currently dually vaccinated," reports the President of the Moravian Church in South Africa, Godfrey Cunningham. "There is not enough protection even for medical personnel." Churches and mission associations are concerned about the short-sighted policies of a small number of states that prevent equal global distribution of the vaccine.

The international ecumenical fellowship of the EMS strengthens the individual churches in facing the current challenges. This is the experience of the members of the Mission Council, which met from 23 June to 25 June 2021 in a video conference. "When we look at the challenges of our time, whether it’s the Corona pandemic, climate change or growing global injustice, only global solutions can solve these problems. The international fellowship of the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) provides the framework for churches to work together on such solutions," explains Rev. Klaus Rieth, President of the EMS.

One example is the fight against the Corona pandemic. Here, the churches in the EMS are cooperating worldwide. It has long since ceased to be the case that help only comes from Germany. When the situation in India came to a dramatic head, the first pledge of help came from the Presbyterian Church in Ghana. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the EMS has forwarded 445.000 Euro to the affected churches as part of its Corona Relief.

"In the past months we have experienced how closely the members of the EMS stand together in the crisis," reports Rev. Dr Dieter Heidtmann, EMS General Secretary. "The development of the pandemic touched us deeply, because we are worrying about brothers and sisters and close friends all over the world. In this situation, we are carried by our common faith and prayer for the sick and their relatives. This is a very encouraging experience."

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