Wednesday, 15. December 2021

"Living Together – But How?"

Schneller Magazine dedicates its latest issue to Israel and Palestine

When the topic of "Israel and Palestine" comes up, some may first think of violence and human rights violations. Not without reason, because there is always plenty of that. But especially in view of this bleak situation, we wanted to know from our authors: How can you (still) imagine living together in the future?

One can only be humbled by a voice like that of Professor Mohammed Dajani Daoudi from Jerusalem, who, despite everything, clings on to the goal of two independent states living together, pointing out, however, that everyone must address the traumas of the other side. We also collected opinions that make a stronger connection between reconciliation and justice, such as John Munayer. Others, like Shadi Khalloul, strive to integrate their non-Jewish community into the Jewish state. And then there are others who have long practiced togetherness, like the Israeli children’s home Neve Hanna, whose approach to the education of Jewish and Muslim-Bedouin children is very similar to the Christian-Muslim network of relationships in our Schneller schools.

Two of our authors take a different approach and explore the relationship of the churches to Israel-Palestine. Tobias Kriener, Director of Studies at the Christian Meeting and Learning Centre Nes Ammim, writes about Protestant relations with the Holy Land. The former Israeli ambassador to the Vatican, Mordechay Lewy, reports on diplomatic incidents which are otherwise rarely revealed.

As always, this issue also deals with the work of the Schneller schools and the international EMS fellowship.


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