Wednesday, 29. March 2023

More Than 110,000 Euros for Worldwide Education Projects

EMS Future Fund supports children in Asia, Africa and the Middle East


All children and young people have a right to a decent future. Education is the key to unlock it. In the past jubilee year, the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS) has therefore set up a fund specifically dedicated to this purpose. More than 110,000 euros for education projects have been collected.

When something is labelled “future”, one should make sure that future is actually created. Last year, EMS not only used its 50th anniversary to look back, but also to make a concrete contribution to the future. This is how the "EMS Future Fund" came into life. In the past year, the drum was beaten vigorously for this fund in publications, at events and in the network. As a result, more than 110,000 Euros were donated by EMS member churches and associations as well as private individuals. "We are very grateful for the generous donations. This enables us to support many children and young people in poorer regions and give them educational opportunities that would otherwise have been denied to them," explains EMS General Secretary Rev. Dr Dieter Heidtmann.

Mission “Future” for School and Education

The EMS Future Fund provides support for children and young people. It actually finances almost 15 educational projects of EMS member churches in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The projects enable children in India and Indonesia to receive a good school education. They open up a good future for children with disabilities in Jordan and South Africa. They provide young people in Lebanon and Indonesia with vocational training with which they can build up their own existence.

Recently, two new education projects have been added that can be supported through the Future Fund: Village children from remote regions of Indonesia are to be given the chance of a higher education. The boarding school of the Evangelical Church in South-East Sulawesi plays an important role in this. (learn more about the project)

In the People's Republic of China, EMS promotes environmental education programmes for the young generation. Its partner organisation "Amity Foundation" brings environmental education with creativity and fun into rural classrooms. (learn more about the project)

Thanks for your support

The EMS continues to call for support for the Future Fund so that even more children and young people have access to education.