Thursday, 09. December 2021

Now Online: The New Website of the German East Asia Mission

An unusual mission

A modern design that is also optimised for mobile devices - this is how the German East Asia Mission (DOAM) is launching its latest website. New content and user-friendly functions make it easier to search for information about the churches and societies of the countries of East Asia.

For Executive Secretary Georg Meyer, the association's website is also and above all a window to the outside world. Meyer explains: "Our website is essentially aimed at three target groups: we not only offer up-to-date information for our members, but also build a bridge to our mission society, the Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS). And finally, all visitors to our website should feel that they are in good hands. The key elements are information on how to get involved in our work and how to support what we do - both topics that are of particular interest to visitors to our website.”

International - Intercultural - Interfaith

These are three keywords that describe the work of the German East Asia Mission run like a thread throughout the website. "It is fascinating and inspiring how very different people in the DOAM contribute their experience and relationships, their interest and knowledge to facilitate, keep alive and deepen encounters, understanding and reconciliation between people from East Asia and Germany. We promote theological exchange and understanding between different cultures and religions, express our views on contemporary issues and stand side by side in solidarity with the vulnerable to achieve more justice," says Dr Carola Hoffmann-Richter, Chairperson of the German East Asia Mission.

Get involved!

We’ll show you how: in the 'Get Involved' section, we provide you with information on the many different ways to join in our work. As a member, you support the vision and work of the DOAM in a special way. You are sent invitations to study and encounter conferences. You also have the opportunity to join working groups in countries in East Asia. Young people can take part in a volunteer assignment in East Asia or in the interfaith study programme in Japan through the mission societies.

The German East Asia Mission (DOAM) also runs its own website which documents its own mission history in a large archive that includes letters, documents and photographs. It goes without saying that all the relevant links can be found on the new website.

Support the German East Asia Mission!

And last but not least, the website is much easier for our donors to use. Just click on the donation button and you can support the work of the German East Asia Mission quickly and easily. Regardless of whether you donate via SEPA direct debit, PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

To the new website of the German East Asia Mission

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