Monday, 13. March 2023

The Distant War, so Close

Putin’s War in Ukraine: Middle-East Perspectives

What impact is the Ukraine war having on countries in the Middle East? This question is the focus of the new issue of Schneller magazine. Not only aspects such as grain imports to countries such as Lebanon, Syria or Egypt, which are essential for survival, are illuminated. It is also about the question of how the people in the Middle East are dealing with this further crisis - and how they see us Europeans in our handling of the crisis. Our author Mireille Hamouche from the Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue in Beirut, for example, is touched by the fact that people in Germany are crying more than usual because of the crisis. As a result, she says, they are not yet as jaded as many of their compatriots in Lebanon, who have been confronted with various crises for decades.

But Schneller Magazine also reports again on important issues affecting Christian life in the Middle East, such as the increasing attacks on Christians in Jerusalem, including the vandalism on the Mount Zion Cemetery, where the grave of Johann Ludwig Schneller and his wife was desecrated. But there is also good news to report such as the first woman’s ordination in Palestine.

And then, of course, there are the Schneller schools, about which there are again many new and beautiful things to report. The portrait of the Jordanian singer Qamar Badwan, who recorded the EMS Jubilee song together with children from the Theodor Schneller School in Jordan, deserves special mention here.