Monday, 18. October 2021

Women During the Corona Crisis – A Global View

The new Our Voices is out.

In the Our Voices 2021/2022 we look back - and we look ahead in the second year of the pandemic that is severely shaking so many areas of life. Women are particularly affected. This is the main focus of this issue.

Women are at risk of becoming infected because many work in health care. Women bear double burdens when schools and kindergartens are closed. Women in the informal sector are losing their income during lockdown. No matter in which part of the world – this development can be observed and bemoaned everywhere.

Violence in families against women and children has also increased worldwide. Progress in gender justice, which women have strived hard to achieve, and equal partnership between women and men seem to be declining again. We were very shaken by this news. The recommendations of the Women's Pre-Conference for the EMS General Assembly draw attention to this and call on the churches to place it in the focus of their work.

The reports in this issue, however, clearly show that women are strong, women are creative, women are survivalists. In the crisis, they develop new skills, join forces and find ways out of adversity. This gives courage and confidence. The EMS Corona Relief Fund supports them in this.

Through the sadness and joy of individual experiences shines the foundation that carries us as Christians and as sisters in the fellowship of Jesus. We are not alone. God gives us the strength we need. We invite you to renew your trust in God and feel connected in prayer through the spiritual reflections given by Rima Nasrallah about the disciple Tabita and the mourning liturgy from Angelika Maschke.

We wish you much inspiration when reading the magazine!

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