Wednesday, 26. May 2021

Coronavirus – When Frustration Seeks an Outlet

Help us protect women and children from domestic violence.

Churches of EMS want to empower women and children.

Domestic violence has many faces: It manifests itself not only in physical assault but also in the form of mental abuse. It usually takes place behind closed doors and always affects the weakest and most vulnerable, those who cannot defend themselves.

Worldwide statistics show that domestic violence is mainly directed against women and children. The offenders are often husbands and fathers. During the current Covid-19 pandemic which forces people to stay at home, cases of domestic violence have increased alarmingly, not only in Germany but also worldwide.

Work and family, homeschooling, the household: Everything must go on under pandemic conditions, with people often living together in a confined space and public life restrictions offering hardly any possible alternative. Added to this is the uncertainty of what will happen in the future, as well as job insecurity or loss of income. Excessive demands, frustration and stress then erupt in the form of verbal abuse and physical violence against the weakest members of the family, usually against women and children, but also against elderly people.

In many countries, women are still at the bottom rung of the domestic hierarchy, even though they do all the family work and make a significant contribution to the family’s income. When nerves are already on edge due to a long lockdown, violent acts can occur even for futile reasons.

The Indonesian Women's Association for Justice and Legal Aid provides legal advice and representation to women from vulnerable backgrounds. It reports that, in the very first month of the pandemic alone, they received reports of nearly 100 incidents of violence against women. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – the organisation assumes that a much higher number of cases go unreported.

As part of the EMS Coronavirus Fund, EMS member churches therefore promote projects for the protection of women and children, for example by providing counselling for the whole family to prevent situations from escalating. Protection, legal advice and legal aid are offered to victims of domestic violence. Women who have lost their income due to the pandemic are supported with new business ideas that enable their families to make a living even in difficult conditions.

All projects and measures are tailored to the needs of the communities in which they are rolled out. They are designed to have a lasting impact against domestic violence even after the pandemic.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any general questions, please use the contact form below. We are also happy to help you personally if you have any questions or require further information – by phone or by E-mail.

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