Tuesday, 06. April 2021

EMS Insights: Presenting the New Magazine

First issue available now

It was worth waiting for – “EMS Insights” is finally here! We want to start a totally new chapter with the first issue of our completely redesigned magazine. Produced by a team of editors from Africa, Asia and Europe, it opens up a plethora of international perspectives on our member churches and mission societies.

“EMS Insights” will report on key topics from the very varied work of the EMS Fellowship and will always include examples taken from EMS projects. The first issue focuses on the topic of “When learning becomes something special – education in difficult times”. The main article – a major report on the Indonesian orphanage of “Titipan Kasih” – was authored by Armin Sukri who lectures at the Theological Seminary in Makassar (Indonesia) and is member of the editorial team.

For what and whom are we set free? In his theological impulse, the Indian theologian Sathianathan Clarke explores the question of how our image of Christ determines our ideas of freedom and how we deal with power. Clarke lectures at the Methodist Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. (USA) and was keynote speaker at the last EMS General Meeting in November 2020. The issue includes other topics, such as an annual review of fundraising in 2020, a report on the digitalisation of lessons at the Schneller schools in the Middle East and news headlines about EMS programmes and networks.

In future, “EMS Insights” will replace the previous “darum-journal”. The free 16-page magazine appears twice a year in German and English (online only). Download the current issue in English as a free e-book now. We hope you enjoy reading it!

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