Cameroon: Medical Care and HIV Prevention

HIV educational work, support for those affected and their relatives, and modern medical technology: the health services provided by the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) deliver primary healthcare for the rural population in southwest Cameroon.

The state-run healthcare system in Cameroon has limited financial means and primarily focusses on larger cities. In poorer rural regions, there is hardly any medical assistance. The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) is the body responsible for the hospital in the village of Manyemen. Thanks to its modern equipment, the hospital provides many people with comprehensive medical care. Serious illnesses like tuberculosis, leprosy and AIDS can also be treated there in line with modern standards.

A hospital for everyone

The team at Manyemen Hospital provides the people of the region with comprehensive and efficient medical care. Medical specialists provide information in the surrounding villages about infectious diseases such as HIV and what options are available to protect oneself. In addition to educational work, the program also includes HIV tests, pastoral care, free medication and support in everyday life. Furthermore, continuous education and training is offered for medical and technical staff.


22.8 million inhabitants, of which 4.5% have HIV/AIDS


Prospects for HIV sufferers

One particular focus is on working with HIV-infected patients. They currently account for roughly 4.5 percent of the population of Cameroon. This is the 15th highest rate in the world. The hospital in Manyemen takes a holistic approach, which sees medicine, pastoral work, and welfare and social work go hand in hand: legal advice, education and income generation help establish economic independence and reduce the risk of infection. Widows are offered support with rebuilding new career prospects. AIDS orphans receive a school education, accommodation and medical care. Many offerings are aimed at girls and women, as the risk of HIV infection is particularly high for them.

Project goals

The project helps to improve primary healthcare in rural regions of Cameroon. The target group is the population in the English-speaking southwest of the country, who receive no support from state-run health services. The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) helps people with acute and chronic diseases. Targeted education also helps to reduce the number of new HIV and tuberculosis cases, and to lower maternal mortality rates.



Project work

The team at the hospital in Manyemen provides the people in the region with medical care, extensively and unbureaucratically. Medical specialists educate residents in nearby villages about infectious diseases like HIV, and inform them about possible ways to protect themselves from such diseases. As well as educational work, the programme also includes HIV tests, pastoral work, free medication and everyday support. Furthermore, continuous training is also provided for medical and technical personnel.

Project partner

The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) was founded in 1886 by Basel missionaries and has been independent since 1957. It has roughly one million members and is committed to important welfare and social work. As well as HIV and AIDS, other major challenges the church is confronted by include rising unemployment, particularly among young people, deficiencies in rural healthcare, and a lack of access to the education system. The church maintains hospitals, schools and training organisations, and encourages local craft.


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HIV educational work, support for those affected and their relatives, and modern medical technology: the health services provided by the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) deliver primary healthcare for the rural…